Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Review: Maruchan Chili-Flavored Ramen

Pitch Perfect

We cooked up a couple of packages of the Maruchan Chili-Flavored Ramen last night, as a soup, essentially unadorned (so as to not obscure its essential purity for review purposes). While an old Rockford Files played before us, we experienced the greatness of this new (to us) form of ramen.

The chili flavors were subtle, not at all overpowering as might have been expected. Just the right level of salt and umami, as usual. The addition of some scallions and/or pork would have been a nice augmentation.

If you like chili, this is definitely one to add to your own list of approved ramen flavors.

Might we also suggest the Maruchan Roasted Chicken Ramen - it's been one of our favorites for a long time.

Speaking of favorites, Rockford was successful as usual, but he had to send the girl away, so she could "find her own place." Whatta guy.


Anonymous kathy said...

These are hands down the very best flavor that Ramen makes. Of course, that is my opinion but I promise I know what I'm talking about! These are heavily addicting and one of my most favorite comfort foods. They take about 3 minutes to make so it's great for people who are in a hurry or impatient about prep and cook times. I ate these throughout college but only the chicken flavor and I want to go back in time and punch college me in the face and hand myself the chili flavor instead. So much better! There is a spice to it obviously, but I wouldn't say that it's hot. It also depends on how you cook your ramen. I prefer no water and that makes the spice hotter. When I'm sick I'll make this more of a soup and usually will add two packets of spice. Great for clearing out the sinuses!

Although these are a big more expensive than going to a grocery store, they are still the absolute cheapest and you can skip the trip. Everyone get on the chili ramen bandwagon. Game changer.

Thu Dec 08, 03:25:00 AM EST  

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