Monday, November 09, 2009

Woo-hoo! Aerosmith may be no more!

Rumors have it that Steven Tyler has left the building!

CBC has the dirt...

Tyler has 'quit' Aerosmith, bandmate says, November 8

Rock band Aerosmith could be on the verge of a split, with a report by at least one newspaper that guitarist Joe Perry believes frontman Steven Tyler has left the band.

"Steven quit, as far as I can tell," Perry told the Las Vegas Sun on Friday.

"I don't know any more than you do about it. I got off the plane two nights ago. I saw online that Steven said that he was going to leave the band."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Joe from Rewind could fill in!

Mon Nov 09, 08:56:00 PM EST  
Anonymous WL said...

Inspiration for Tea time music this week!

Thu Nov 12, 11:50:00 AM EST  

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