Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gigapixel Panoramic Inauguration View

A Gigapixel Panoramic Inauguration View is available here.

WASHINGTON, DC (January 24, 2009) – A 1.47 gigapixel panoramic view of President Barack Obama's inauguration address that's 194 degrees wide and 80 degrees tall, made up of 220 images by photographer David Bergman, is now posted on Gigapan.

Bergman shot it with a Canon G10 and a Gigapan imager clamped to a front rail on the north media platform. He says it took the Gigapan software more than six and a half hours to stitch the scene together on a MacBook Pro and the final TIF file was almost 2GB in size.

Using the viewer a reader can zoom in and pan around the photograph, and double click to get even closer.

Photographers on the south stand facing Bergman's camera and those on the center stand will be able to clearly see themselves at work during the President's speech. The photographer challenges viewers to find within the picture musician Yo-Yo Ma, who is in the process of taking a picture using his iPhone.


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