Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Tea

This has been quite a week.

Among the news is that MP has become a Grandmother for the first time! Congratulations, MP!

Of course, VS became an American citizen yesterday - score one for the USA!

JU showed up to work - score one for US!

Luckily for us, LM has favored us with a bottle of Bierão to celebrate with. Bierão has an interesting taste, and an interesting history:

The liqueur was produced in the 19th century as a medicinal product for stomach aches by a pharmacy in Lousã. In the late 19th century alcoholic beverages were no longer qualified as medicinal but the liqueur was kept in production in a small factory owned by the son-in-law of the original producer. In 1929 the liqueur entered a contest on the 2nd Beirão Congress where it earned a gold medal and its name of Beirão. In 1940 the factory was bought by José Carranca Redondo (1921-2005). In the 1960s Redondo drove Beirão to a nationwide success. He understood the importance of advertising - he used to say that after laying an egg, the hen clucks - so he launched the first Portuguese advertising campaign using billboards.


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