Friday, August 14, 2009

A Crocs Reprieve?

A Crocs Reprieve? Analysts think so!

Crocs stumble: anatomy of a fad or a rebound?

Maker of the fluorescent, smurf-like shoes appears to have staved off bankruptcy, but will it regain its former stride?

The Christian Science Monitor, By Nachammai Raman, August 14

Montreal - Crocs, the candy-colored foam clogs, have narrowly avoided going the way of the pet rock or mood rings.

The company, which has teetered on the edge of bankruptcy this year, last week reported a $30 million loss for the second quarter of the year, against a $2 million profit in the same period a year ago. But that result was much better than investors had expected, and the general market view was that the company will now find a way to survive. The company's stock soared on Monday.


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