Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A-Rod demands an apology


But the thought of it all haunted A-Rod. "He was playing fine ball, and he was laughing and having a good time, but he was really choked up inside." Yankees manager Joe Girardi says. "One early morning I caught A-Rod alone crying like a baby in the dugout. All he could say was, 'I didn't knock up Willow. I didn't knock her up. It's not fair.'"

Girardi agrees it's time for Letterman to apologize so A-Rod can move on with his life.

"Letterman's making me out to be some kind of child molester,"
Rodriguez said. "This makes me kind of understand where Mrs. Palin's coming from. When people say bad things about me, I don't know if it's because I'm good-looking, I'm biracial, I make the most money, I play on the most popular team. Kind of like her," he said, "except for the popular part."


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