Friday, May 22, 2009

A giant gulp of recycled urine for mankind

NASA is recycling Astronaut Urine. Maybe that's what the makers of gau jal are planning to use for their cow urine soda.

Here's the deal with NASA:

Space crew says cheers with recycled urine

AP, May 21

Astronauts toast NASA after switching on space station's new urine and sweat-based water supply

At the international space station, it was one small sip for man and a giant gulp of recycled urine for mankind. A first for space was celebrated yesterday with astronauts drinking water that had been recycled from their urine, sweat, and water condensed from exhaled air.

The crew, aboard the space station, said "cheers," clicked drinking bags and toasted Nasa workers on the ground who were sipping their own version of recycled drinking water.

"The taste is great," said the American astronaut Michael Barratt. Then as Gennady Padalka, the Russian, tried to catch little bubbles of the clear water floating in front of him, Barratt called the taste "worth chasing". He said the water came with labels that said: "Drink this when real water is over 200 miles away."


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