Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So it's decided

So it's decided, Taqueria Mexico, 24 Charles Street, Waltham is the place, and 11:30 AM is the time.

Here's one particularly good review...

Their refried beans are among the most disgusting things I've ever eaten, their burritos are garbage and their chips blow. I some know reviewers (and the friends who recommended this place) like to point to all the Mexican people here as some sign that this place is wonderful, but that ignores the reality that 75% of Waltham's population is Mexican. So that argument is like saying some one star shithole in Oaxaca is great because "holy shit look at all these Mexicans!"

Great Mexican food shouldn't be a chore to eat as you try to convince yourself that you're not eating "Americanized tex-mex" I've eaten great food from Mexican kitchens and this place just doesn't have it.
Of course, there are better reviews. Here's one now:
I've eaten at this place enough to know that breakfast, lunch and dessert are as delicious and reasonably priced as dinner. Stop being a bum and declaring that Anna's is 'the best Mexican food ever.' get your behind to Taqueria Mexico...of course it'll spread, but it's worth it.


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