Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Next time, get it in writing!

Holding a meeting and promising the attendees pizza for lunch conjures up a pleasing image of lunchtime, one that we see around here fairly often. Fresh, hot pizza, eaten around a large conference table, while someone spouts on about something. Nice.

So might it have been just slightly disingenuous of a certain Vice President to make such an enticing offer and and then show up with cold, three day old, ex-tupperware-party pizza, and tell the attendees after the meeting that they could fetch the pizza from the fridge and microwave it themselves.

Disingenuous, and LAME. We think maybe the Guinness people have written a new entry in their book of world records for "Most Lame Attempt To Raise Esprit-de-Corps" after this shenanigan.


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