Monday, August 11, 2008

Departures and Arrivals

We learn that AC has left us for another company. We will miss her passionately delivered Portuguese.

WL and RD have returned. WL acquired some canned roadkill possum, containing only 20% foreign matter. Apparently it's pureed.

JT is off to the cape, and ED is taking some time back in France. (ID is not going with him, but BD is).

NT is away today, and has at least a couple of egg crates awaiting his return.

RS's daughter MS was here today, recovering nicely from some oral surgery. We hope she'll be back to normal by Saturday at noon. We hear rumors that there'll be an Italian spread that shouldn't be passed up.

Georgia hasn't surrendered yet (though it has magnanimously offered a cease-fire), and Russia has about cut it in half. Smooth move, Saakashvili!


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