Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pie has a long history.

The Egyptians invented a primitive form, essentially bread with stuff baked into it.

The Greeks created pie pastry.

The Romans absconded with Greek recipes, after conquering Greece. Marcus Porcius Cato recorded a recipe for his era's most popular pie/cake called Placenta, meaning flat. Could this have been a precursor to today's pizza pie?

The English placed not only live birds, but "rabbits, frogs, turtles, and other small animals" - as well as dwarfs inside them. The English were also good with meat pies - a more cruel invention all around.

George Washington was partial to sweetbread pies, according to a cookbook written by his wife, Martha.

Emperor William I of Germany liked his pies stuffed with stuffed birds. His favorite pie? It contained a whole turkey stuffed with a chicken, the chicken stuffed with a pheasant, the pheasant stuffed with a woodcock.

Today, we favor more civilized pies - and we celebrate them three times a year. Happy East Indian Pi(e) [22/7] day, everyone!


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