Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scouting Trip - Taqueria Mexico

CC, NR and RA ventured out to Taqueria Mexico on Charles St.

The atmosphere is just about perfect for an EP venue. Crummy blonde paneling, substandard lighting on the inside, cheesy decorations, etc. It's probably too good to replace the El Phoenix directly, but it's not far off.

The chips (which were thick and oily) came with two varieties of salsa, hot and runny, and cooler, brown and chunky.

A variety of beers was available - though you should expect to pay above market ($ 3.95 for a Negra Modelo!) for them.

The food was perhaps too good for an EP replacement. The Pork-Chili soft taco was pretty good, the chili releno is probably the best we've ever had, and the chicken burrito we'd also give a "pretty good" rating to - it was spicier than expected.

The rice was typical - orangeish and slightly over-cooked. The refritos, however, were a great surprise. No tin can imprints on these ex-beans - no, these were silky smooth.

As a possible venue for EP day, we award 1 1/2 thumbs up!


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