Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today's "The Day" Again...

Clinton and Obama are today running the gauntlet in two great states - the outcome may cause one of them to drop out of the race.

Vermont and Rhode Island are voting, with Clinton ahead in the polls in Rhode Island, and a landslide predicted for Obama in Vermont.

Yes, Ohio and Texas are also holding primaries today. We hope that they aren't too overshadowed.

Oh - it's also Town Meeting Day in Vermont. Primaries and Town Meetings in one day? Spare us the excitement!

UPDATE (3:00 PM ET): The first returns are in! Johnson, VT, has REJECTED the purchase of a dump truck. (Darn).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear HSI,
Is there such a thing as too much excitement!?

Tue Mar 04, 01:30:00 PM EST  

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